A hot meal every Saturday at Bucharest North Station

The "From the Heart for Life" association, starting with September 2023, started on a new path.
Every Saturday, they offer a warm and nutritious meal to over 30 people who are struggling to survive on the streets near the North Railway Station in Bucharest.
They didn't know we were coming, so at the first shout, a little over 30 people gathered, we were prepared with 50 nutritious portions of food. We gave some more gates to bring them to those who were immobilized or tied up in carts and couldn't come.
An exciting and transformative action first of all for us who initiated it.
"It doesn't matter how little we do, the important thing is to do something".
Now, after a few months, they already know that we are coming and are waiting for us with their hearts in their mouths.
Many times we go through the parks to gather them and invite them to a hot meal.
It is difficult to describe their joy and emotions.

Please go to the Facebook page of the association "From the heart for Life" - Humanitarian Association and give us a like.
Thank you for your support, prayers and cooperation.

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