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About us

Our Story

The humanitarian association “Din inimă pentru viață” was born almost overnight, in a discreet and simple way, without trumpets and trumpets, from the natural and noble desire to help, to extend a saving hand and a smile on the face of fellow human beings our less fortunate in life.

din inima

Who we are?

Rosca Mihai

rosca mihaiOver 10 years of my life, I put myself in the service of my peers who were in emergency situations, as a military firefighter in the structures of the Ministry of the Interior.
I have often risked my life by entering the fire to save the lives of people who were in danger.
Some people we have pulled from the fire, from devastating fires, while others we have pulled from the contorted beasts of destroyed cars, following road accidents.
I fought on the front line in hundreds, maybe even thousands of interventions, over the course of more than 10 years, on extinguishing, extrication or as a paramedic.
To many, I was a hero, but I saw myself as a simple man who did his duty from the heart.
If there was anyone I’d like to look up to, it would be my boy.
From autumn this year, my son will walk the corridors of a prestigious university in Great Britain as a student.
I look back with pride and gratitude for the role I played in the lives of my peers and especially in the life of my beloved son, Mihai jr.
Today, as a legal advisor, I continue to help people with the same passion and dedication through the humanitarian association “From the Heart for Life.”

Angelica Boaghii

angelica boaghiiMore than 20 years ago, I stepped with fear and emotions in my soul for the first time on Romanian soil to join a law firm in the economic field.
Originally from the Republic of Moldova, I would never have believed it if someone had told me then that I would come to love Romania so much, that this wonderful country would become my second home, that I would never leave here and even more except that Romania will be the country where my greatest miracles, Traian and Matei, will be born.
Now Traian is grown up, although he is still a student at the University of Amsterdam, he was also offered the position of assistant professor of the IT department, and as if these things were not enough, he also works at a software company.
Matei is 13 years old, he is an exceptional son and student, Olympian in several subjects, the pride of the school and the teachers where he studies, and since the math teacher told him that he is: “one in a million” he thinks he is a little genius and wants so that everyone knows what the teacher said.
I have been an authorized CECAR expert for almost 15 years and I manage my own accounting company that has a diversified portfolio of companies.
I collaborate with prestigious institutions and companies in Romania.
Due to the professionalism and integrity I have shown, I am required to be constantly involved in investigations and economic expertise from the judicial structures of the state, DNA, DIICOT, Prosecutor’s Office, Police or courts.
I love accounting and I admit it, I don’t know how the hours pass when I work on a forensic examination or prepare a balance sheet, but more than accounting, I love helping people in need.
I feel that the time has come to do what I really want since I was little.

Angela Peșchir

Although I have lived in Austria for over 20 years, and it would have been very easy for me to obtain Austrian citizenship, I chose not to take any steps in this regard and to keep my Romanian citizenship, as a proof of my love for of the country where I was born.
I never forgot where I left from and especially I never forgot those who stayed at home, in Romania.
I developed important projects both in Romania and in Austria, the country that adopted me with all the love and where my 7 wonderful children were born.
In Austria’s second largest city, Graz, we inaugurated an intercultural library that houses thousands of volumes from various fields, accessible to all who are passionate about reading. This place is also a favorable environment for those who want to learn German, benefiting from lessons given by accredited teachers.
With love and passion, I have been involved in social, educational and charitable projects for years, and the City Hall of Graz recognized all these merits by awarding me a special diploma, a recognition that can only make me happy.
As an international emigration advisor, I provide essential support for hundreds of emigrants starting a new life in Austria. As a motivational speaker and author of “Golden Words for Golden Souls,” a collection of life lessons dedicated to sharing and inspiring, I offer light and wisdom from my heart to those around me.

What motivates us?

Compassionate hearts, aflame with divine love, burn with passion to relieve the suffering of the disadvantaged: the homeless elderly, children or young people abandoned by their parents. These people eagerly seek a shelter over their heads, specialized medical treatment, a warm and nutritious meal, clothing suitable for the season outside, and last but not least, a sweet word and a look full of warmth and love.

These things seem simple to most of us, but to these people, they represent experiences often unimaginable or unattainable now.

din inima

Goals for 2023

Extend a saving hand to those who are going through difficult and unpleasant life situations.

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